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Richard Williams is an emerging, contemporary, artist.

His breakthrough creation was a Kanye West, mental health concept which exploded online and he’s been creating ever since. 

His disruptive art style is influenced by pop culture, current events and his love for icons. With a passion for painting sporting legends, Movie icons and performers, he is also inspired by concepts that come with a meaningful story. 

He started painting as a form of escapism from regular bouts of depression.

"I needed something to focus on, something that would give me a sense of achievement while allowing me the freedom to truly express myself. I put it all on the line when I'm creating. Each piece gets everything I have."

With a belief that art has no boundaries, he uses acrylics, spray paints, mixed media and stencils.

I love anything that comes with meaning. Stories are where the magic's at...


There's more than meets the eye to some of Rich's creations. Rich is making a name for himself as one of the artists pushing the boundaries and using art to create memorable experiences. Several of his commissions have been known to come alive before your very eyes...

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Rich has painted for people all over the world, including celebrities, sports stars and an amazingly diverse group of people. ​ He absolutely loves people taking the time out to suggest concepts or ideas. ​ Fill in your details and he'll be in touch personally.


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